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Myanmar lies between two largest countries in the world. For many centuries, it has been a crossroad of culture and trade between these two countries and the rest of the southeast Asia region. The country has undergone many ups and downs throughout its dramatic history. As a result, its culture and culinary scene are somewhat shaped by regional influences, despite which the country maintained its unique fashion. This is also due to the fact that the country has more than one hundred unique ethnic groups, each of which has their own culture and cooking techniques, resulting in an overall rich and multifaceted culinary culture of the country.

Inspired by this heritage, our kitchen team has re-introduced or re-imagined local dishes and desserts with a thoughtful global-touch. Our food and dessert items are carefully curated by our team through a rigorous process, using high quality ingredients. 

Let’s get on a journey to fuel your stomach with good food. 

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