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Even though coffee beans were brought into Myanmar in 1885 and espresso-based coffee was introduced in the early 1990s, serious coffee consumption or more precisely appreciation of specialty coffee is low compared to the regional peers. Myanmar is located well within the Coffee Belt and has large areas of land and the right climate for growing coffee. However, Myanmar’s coffee was not known to the outside world partly because the country was disconnected from the global community for decades. After the country’s opening-up in 2010, Myanmar’s coffee is beginning to take its place in the global specialty coffee scene. The foreign investment as well as transfer of knowledge through the international support programs for the agriculture sector have benefited coffee farmers and improved the quality of the crops.

Café Salween opens our door for the first time in June 2017. Arguably, we are the first third-wave speciality coffee shop in Yangon. Since our very beginning, we have been brewing speciality coffee beans from all over the world (Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Myanmar) for our customers, despite logistical and economical hurdles. Café Salween partners not only with international roasters but also local coffee roasters and growers who are seeking to bring Myanmar specialty coffee to the global coffee scene. Our value proposition is to deliver third-wave quality coffee experience and to promote awareness of Myanmar speciality coffee beans through our artisan methods of coffee brewing.

Why the name “Salween”? - Salween is Than Lwin River in Burmese language and is one of two major rivers flowing through the country. It flows from Tibetan Plateau through China, Thailand and the Shan Hills of Myanmar, into the Andaman Sea near the city of Moulmein. It is one of the longest free flowing rivers in Asia – signifying energy, dynamism and creativity, representing our core values.

To live up to our core values of dynamism, creativity and energy, Café Salween is working with a team of passionate and well-experienced baristas to create the most extensive and uncommon coffee menu in Myanmar using the best quality coffee beans  and employing the brewing methods from the international cafés as well as brewing methods uniquely created by our team.

Why wait? Let’s get on a journey to explore Myanmar specialty coffee beans and enjoy Café Salween’s unique coffee experience.

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